Bitcoin Deposits

For your own security we only accept Bitcoin transactions through a new BTC address each time you make a new deposit. Anonibet supports Bech32 or P2SH address formats, you can choose whichever you like for your deposit. We always credit your account as soon as we receive your BTC deposit, thereby making the process almost instant. All Anonibet transactions are done in mBTC, with 1BTC = 1000mBTC.

Deposit Rules

- You can only deposit Bitcoin (BTC) to the below deposit address through Bitcoin blockchain.

- To deposit BTC, you can choose Bech32 or Standard Bitcoin P2SH address.

- The amount you send will automaticly be directed to your account once it has been approved at Bitcoin blockchain.

- A new Bitcoin address will be generated for your each deposit.

- Please make sure the address you copy is exactly the same where you paste it.

Bitcoin Deposits FAQ

I have send a deposit to your wallet address but it did not reach my account yet. How long does it take for my deposit to be in my account?
For every BTC transaction to be processed, the amount you send must first be approved at bitcoin network. This process is independent of your deposit with Once your transaction has been approved by the BTC network, your deposit will be on your account instantly. Depending on the fee you choose and the Bitcoin blockchain traffic volume your deposit approval times may vary. You can check your transfer status at by entering your bitcoin address.

What is the minimum deposit amount?
Minimum deposit amount is 0.00001 BTC or 0.01 mBTC.

Can I deposit with alt currencies, USD or Euro?
No, Anonibet is a Bitcoin website. All deposits and withdraws are always carried out in BTC.

After I make a deposit, can I withdraw my funds without placing any bets?
Clients are required to wager the whole amount that was deposited, before any withdrawal request can be processed. If you would like to withdraw funds without making a wager, a 5% handling fee will be levied.