Bitcoin Withdrawals

Anonibet members can withdraw BTC from their account whenever they want. Each transaction is approved manually by Anonibet staff and may take a couple of hours to be processed. Orders given after working hours are processed next working day. Minimum withdraw order from your account is 1 mBTC while maximum amount you can request is 10 BTC per 24 hours. Anonibet does not charge any commissions from its members for withdrawal.

Bitcoin Withdrawal Rules

- Daily withdrawal limit is 5 BTC

- Minimum withdrawal amount is 1 mBTC

- Withdraw orders are requested at working hours are processed the same day, usually in a couple of hours

- Withdraw orders placed after 17:00 GMT, will be processed next morning

- Anonibet does not take any commission or fees for withdrawal requests

- Clients are required to wager the whole amount that was deposited, before any withdrawal request. Otherwise 5% withdrawal fee shall be levied.

Bitcoin Withdrawals FAQ

How long does it take to receive a withdraw from Anonibet?
At Anonibet all withdraw orders are manually approved. Withdraw orders given during working hours (08:00 - 17:00 GMT) will be processed the same day. Orders given after working hours will be processed next morning.

Why is my withdrawal taking longer than 1-2 hours to process?
Due to the anonymous nature of our registration process, more resources are required to complete the withdrawal process. In some cases, to ensure the safety of our member’s accounts, and the integrity of the website payment process as a whole, our Risk Management team may need to examine the individual winning (and losing) bets and analyse the historical betting patterns of the member. Unfortunately, by maintaining this safety and integrity process, some individual exceptional withdrawal requests may be delayed. Please note that Anonibet has been continuously operating a Bitcoin sportsbook since 2011, longer than any other Bitcoin sportsbook in existence. We stand by the safety of our member’s accounts, and the integrity of our website. We value our reputation, and we attempt to ensure that the assets of our members and our company are protected by the highest levels of encryption, and the most effective Risk Management processes.

Do you take commission for withdraw orders?
We do not charge any commission for withdraw orders. However in order for our website not to be used as a storage facility, we shall impose a 5% fee on deposits that are withdrawn without being used for sports betting and casino. Proven Anonibet customers are excluded from this condition.

What is the minimum withdraw amount?
Minimum withdraw amount is 0.001 BTC or 1 mBTC.

Is there a withdrawal limit?
Maximum withdraw order for 24 hours is 5 BTC. Total withdraw order in one month can not exceed 20 BTC

After I make a deposit, can I withdraw my funds without placing any bets?
Clients are required to wager the whole amount that was deposited, before any withdrawal request can be processed. If you would like to withdraw funds without making a wager, a 5% handling fee will be levied.