Terms and Conditions

1. General Rules
Registering with Anonibet and placing bets is the Client’s responsibility. Clients who live in jurisdictions where gambling is illegal, bear individual responsibility. Although Anonibet does not require any personal information from clients, we also do not encourage any illegal activity.
Anonibet does not accept players from the following jurisdictions: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, North Korea, Russia, Spain, Turkey, U.S.A, Ukraine and United Kingdom. We reserve the right to refuse customers from any other countries over and above the aforementioned jurisdictions at our own discretion.
The confidentiality of the user name, password and other security details are under the responsibility of the client. Since all of the accounts are anonymous, there is no way to recover an account if the account is compromised. Please keep your password safe.
The betting transactions, where the correct login credentials are used, are deemed valid. The bets are accepted, according to our terms and conditions, only if there are sufficient funds available in the account
Anonibet.com shall in no means be kept liable for the damage or loss arising from this website or its content. All types of delay or failure, communication line outage, use and misuse of the website or its content by any person or the errors and deficiency in the content are included in these conditions and situations.
Anonibet.com reserves the right to change, correct these rules or make additions regardless of any notice, apart from notification on its website.
The Client commits to comply with these rules by opening an account or by placing bets at Anonibet.com.
All deposits and withdraws are always carried out in BTC.
Each member can only have a single account at Anonibet.com. In case of multiple accounts, the account with the oldest registration date will be kept active and other accounts will be shut down. Withdrawal transactions for the remaining balance at these accounts will be completed in three business days. Closure commission for multiple accounts is 5% ( minimum 1 mBTC).
Anonibet does not provide any data to any website or service that claims to benefit its members arbitrage, value or sure bet winnings. We strongly advice to stay away from these services, software and extensions. If any traffic or betting patterns coming from these fraudulent services is detected, your account will be terminated.
Anonibet accounts shall not be used as bank or wallet to keep cryptocurrency assets. Member account balances that are in-active over 24 months will be transferred to Anonibet and no further payments will be made from those accounts.
2. Deposit and Withdraw Rules
Minimum deposit and withdraw amount is 0.001 BTC or 1 mBTC.
Maximum withdraw order for 24 hours is 10 BTC. Total withdraw order in one month can not exceed 50 BTC.
In order for our website not to be used as a storage facility, we shall impose a 5% fee on deposits that are withdrawn without being used for sporstbetting and casino. Proven Anonibet customers are excluded from this condition.
When you make a bitcoin withdrawal request, the specified amount will be deducted from your Anonibet account.
Due to the anonymous nature of our registration process, more resources are required to complete the withdrawal process. In some cases, to ensure the safety of our member’s accounts, and the integrity of the website payment process as a whole, our Risk Management team may need to examine the individual winning (and losing) bets and analyse the historical betting patterns of the member. Unfortunately, by maintaining this safety and integrity process, some individual exceptional withdrawal requests may be delayed. Please note that Anonibet has been continuously operating a Bitcoin sportsbook since 2011, longer than any other Bitcoin sportsbook in existence. We stand by the safety of our member’s accounts, and the integrity of our website. We value our reputation, and we attempt to ensure that the assets of our members and our company are protected by the highest levels of encryption, and the most effective Risk Management processes.
3. Betting Rules
While connecting to Anonibet.com, it is the responsibility of the client to use correct username and password.
The minimum wager amount is 0.00001 BTC (0.01 mBTC)
The minimum wager amount is 0.00001 BTC (0.01 mBTC)
AnoniBet.com and its employees can not give credit to the clients. It is the responsibility of the clients to have sufficient funds in their accounts and make bets accordingly. AnoniBet.com reserves the right to cancel the bets accepted by error, where there were not sufficient funds in the client’s account to cover the whole bet.
AnoniBet.com keeps all transactions and contacts made with the clients through electronic means for the interests of the employees and clients. The relevant record(s) may be presented to the arbitrators in case of disputes that cannot be settled by the Management.
In single bets, the possible payout is calculated by multiplying the wager amount and the odds of the bet.
In multiple bets, the possible payout is calculated by multiplying the odds of all the selections in the coupons, and then multiplying the combined odd with the wager amount. In combined bets, for the coupon to win, all of the selected bets on the coupon must win.
The multiple bets can be placed in a manner that the result of a leg will not affect the other. In case that such coupon is accepted by error, the coupon shall be rendered invalid.
All the bets accepted are final and the Clients may not change or cancel the bet once the bet is accepted.
All odds/rates are subject to change in time and the odd when the bet is made by the Client will be fixed for that client and will not be subject to change.
AnoniBet.com shall not be responsible for the syntax errors For all the current offers regarding the odds. In such case, the bets in question will be void.
There are separate maximum payout limits for every bet in single or multiple bets in AnoniBet.com and these payouts are restricted with these limits.
The highest amount a member can win at AnoniBet.com as a result of one bet either single, multiple or system is 10 BTC. In case that the normal gain exceeds this limit, only 10 BTC is paid to the client. The time when the bets are settled is taken into account for this rule.
The highest total amount a person can win at Anonibet during a 30 day period is limited with 100 BTC.
All bets, except the live betting events, are accepted until the commencement time of the event. All the bets wagered after the commencement of the event will be void.
The bets are settled upon the confirmation of the final results and the winnings are transferred to the Client’s accounts accordingly.
In cases where two competitors share the same rank in an event, and if an odd is not declared for this condition by AnoniBet.com, the amount to be paid for the bet is half payment amount (namely, half of money deposited for the bet + half of gain). In cases where three competitors share the same rank in an event, if an odd is not declared for this condition by AnoniBet.com, the amount to be paid for the bet is the one third of the payment amount (namely, the one third of money deposited for the bet + the one third of gain). If an odd is declared by AnoniBet.com for the sharing of the same rank by the competitors, the bets made for the other outcomes will lose.
In cases that a bet is settled in error, this condition shall be corrected within a short period and accounts are adjusted accordingly. If excess money is paid into the Client`s account as a result of improper bet settlement, all other following bets made with these funds are cancelled.
In cases where the events on which bet is made is postponed, if the event is commenced within 24 hours, the bets remain valid. If the event is postponed for more than 24 hours, the amounts wagered for the bet shall be returned to the Client’s account.
In Soccer events, the score at the end of full time ( 90 minutes + injury time) shall be considered for determining the score.
In all sports, over time and/or penalties are only included if it is stated in market name.
The play-off results are taken into account for determining the final result in Golf.
In Baseball, if the previously announced pitcher is changed, all the bets relating to that event will be void.
The maximum pay-out on a particular player to score in a soccer match is 2000 mBTC. It is not allowed to circumvent this limitation by constructing a multiple bet with one particular player, and another who is not included in the final line-up for his match, thereby voiding that part of the multiple bet. In this case, the entire bet will be voided, and the stakes returned to the player's Anonibet account.
4. Casino Rules
All Casino players must be over eighteen years old. Players living in countries with gambling restrictions should not play any Casino games.
The Player understands and accepts that the Casino Games are played with Bitcoins which has a monetary value. The Player plays with its own will, discretion and risk. Taxes that may arise from Casino Games winnings are the Player’s sole responsibility.
Player understands that Anonibet Casino takes no responsibility whatsoever, for loss that may occur to the player when using the Casino. Anonibet Casino will not be liable in the following scenarios:
• In the event of the cancellation of a game for any reason
• Failure of Anonibet Casino’s central computer system.
Depending on Anonibet Casino Partners’s rules, access to Anonibet Casino and some games may be restricted in the following countries: Cyprus, Denmark, France ,French Guiana ,French Polinesia ,French Southern Territories ,Guadeloupe ,Hong Kong ,Israel ,Martinique ,Mayotte ,Reunion ,United States Minor Outlying Islands and USA.
Maximum total payment in 24 hours at Anonibet Casino is limited with $100.000. For wins over this amount only total of $100.000 will be credited to member accounts. Above this amount, it is the member’s responsibility to stop gambling as further wins will not be paid.
In case of any investigation relating to suspected fraudulent behavior with regard to online casino play, Anonibet will investigate and take any action reasonably believes is necessary, including blocking accounts and retaining any funds therein.
5. Anonibet Rewards Program Rules
All new accounts are automatically enrolled in the Anonibet Rewards program at the Bronze level. All Anonibet Reward Points calculations are based on the date the first deposit is credited to your Anonibet account
Only sports bets placed for odds over 1.1 are included in calculating Anonibet Reward Points. "CANCELLED" bets and bet slips made with bonus credit are not eligible for the Anonibet Rewards Program.
Reward Tiers are calculated using the date of first deposit, until 365 days have passed. After that, a 365 day rolling average is used on all accounts. Tier change calculations are performed every Monday based on valid bets placed in the previous 365-day period. All calculations are based on bets placed between 00:00 – 23:59:59 GMT daily.
Member’s Tier status can be upgraded or downgraded only one Tier per weekly assessment.
If an Anonibet account becomes inactive for any given reason, it will remain subject to Tier Point calculations. Anonibet shall not be responsible for any Reward Tier downgrade due to account inactivation.
Reward Points awarded will be calculated according to Reward Tier which was active at the time the bet was placed.
The Member’s possible Cash Rewards are credited to his account immediately after the bet is accepted.
Anonibet reserves the right to establish or amend the terms under which the Anonibet Reward Program is administered. Whether to award reward points, under what conditions, and the amount of points awarded remains at the discretion of Anonibet. The Cash Reward Amount may vary according to bet type, bet amount, and member's current tier.
In case of a dispute, the system calculation will be considered final.
Cash Rewards collected can be instantly transferred, partially or completely, to the member’s regular balance.
The Cash Reward balance transferred to the member’s regular balance can be used in a new bet, or withdrawn, and is only subject to the Anonibet Terms & Conditions.
When a bet is cancelled, the Cash Reward amount will be deducted from the member’s account if sufficient funds are available. If sufficient funds are not available in the Rewards balance, the difference may be deducted from the member’s regular balance.
If a Cash Reward was provided in error, the awarded amount may be deducted from the member’s account if sufficient funds are available. If sufficient funds are not available in the Rewards balance, the difference may be deducted from the member’s regular balance.
Tiers, Reward Points or Cash Rewards cannot be transferred directly to another member’s account.
All cash rewards are valid for 90 days and will expire if not used during this period of time.